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Ricardo Rosales Garrido

JFIT - DanceMix

Professor Ricardo Rosales Garrido. He is the creator of the DANCE MIX Program, a professor at the JFIT School in Peru.  He has trained as a choreographer and dancer, as well as Aerobic Fitness Instructor by "ISAT", International School of Aerobic Training of San Diego California. In addition, he continued to train at ICADED as a Personal Trainer in Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding and Sport.
Ricardo has established himself in the world of Fitness in Peru, where he has a long experience and trajectory of more than 35 years. He is Director of DANCEMIX, a choreographic dance program aimed at Fitness. He has served as a National and International Presenter.

He has been a speaker in Workshops, Workshops, Courses and Certifications. It has won awards such as "BEST OF THE YEAR": DANCEMIX Best Fitness Dance Program. He was part of the Peruvian Federation of Aerobics and the Chamber of Gymnasiums. He won the "COPA FEDERACION" awards from 2012 to 2017 College of Aerobics Instructors.