IIDCA - International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences is a non-profit entity whose objective is to promote, raise awareness and educate on the importance of physical movement as a source of happiness and comprehensive well-being, promoting healthy habits.

 The IIDCA seeks to support all types of entrepreneurs and actors in the fitness, wellness, sport and well-being industry, both personal and comprehensive; based on professional excellence, scientific research, professional training and focused on the humanization of sport and athletes, as well as recreational physical activity and holistic therapies that improve the quality of life with an honest and creative vision.

Low Cause:

IIDCA recognized members will be discharged for any of the following reasons:

    By voluntary resignation, communicated in writing.
    For attacking the interests, mission and image of IIDCA.
    For non-compliance with financial obligations, if you fail to pay three periodic installments.

Categories of IIDCA recognized Members:
Below are the categories, their requirements and the possibilities of applying for a membership.