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Suspension Training


Suspension Training was born with the demanding training program of the U.S. Navy Seals, so that their soldiers could train anywhere and maintain an excellent physical condition, with a single device, easy to carry and that would allow as many exercises as possible, as well as the progression of the training itself is indicated for both Individual or group training is based on strength and proprioception training, recruiting the main "core" structures and promoting the stabilization of the joints in all exercises, providing spectacular results in all individuals, regardless of their basic physical condition.

This system transforms the weight of the user's body into variable resistance. Users choose the level of difficulty of the exercises simply by varying the position of their own body.

In this theoretical-practical course, students learn that the principles of suspension training are the basis of this valuable training method for sports performance and fitness in general. This is followed by the safety standards, the various handles and supports, the basic techniques, and their variants and adaptations for strength training and flexibility, communication and motivation as well as the training schemes with their variants, mainly applied to individual and group training.

What does registration include?

15 Hours of Training;

Course Support Material;

Certificate of Vocational Training;

Personal Accident Insurance in Effect during the Training;

3 Credit Units for the renewal of the TPTD (Professional Title of Sports Coach)

3 Credit Units for the renewal of the TPTEF (Professional Title of Physical Exercise Technician) and the TPDT (Professional Title of Technical Director)