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Personal Trainer International Certification

C.E.A. HEALTHY (Adapted Training Center)

As a Physical Training Center and Training Center (we are a registered trademark ®) it is an honor for us to present this beautiful training in a “bimodal” format, offering the possibility of doing it in person at our headquarters (Victoria, Entre Ríos, Argentina), or virtual/online from anywhere in the country, even from abroad, using a mobile device (Computer, Tablet or Smartphone).

This PERSONAL TRAINER course has a highly comprehensive person-centered view, which not only takes into account the physical part, but also the emotional, psychological and current social context we are going through. Taking as central axes those factors that affect our society, such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, among others, causing different chronic non-communicable diseases (obesity, hypertension, heart disease, etc.), generating concern in the health system and causing a exorbitant financial expense for those who suffer from it.

We know that, nowadays, ongoing training is of utmost importance, allowing the development and learning necessary for the student to enter the market and compete in the work and/or professional field within the world of fitness.

The quarantine times already passed allowed us to learn about new communication channels, which many of them came to stay, favoring and shortening distance. That is why we believe it is timely to launch this Personal Trainer course, to offer the possibility to those people interested in starting a professional and work path, with physical activity and physical training as its central axis, from a purely comprehensive and healthy approach.

The following training will allow the student to enter an extremely broad field, offering the possibility of work in different non-formal areas (gym, club, hotels, companies, home, outdoors), where physical exercise will play a fundamental role in meeting the demands existing by society.

The following training will last 9 months, divided into 4 units with various contents and topics focused on personalized physical training. The course modality will be bimodal, using various means of communication to carry out the forums and live and/or recorded classes, using the different existing communication channels, such as WhatsApp groups to generate communication and bond with the students, closed group. on Facebook to post recorded classes, as well as Zoom platforms to carry out live classes.

HOURLY LOAD: 200 hours

MODALITY: online / in person

COUNTRIES: Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain.