IIDCA - International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences
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    Presentación IIDCA

History, present and future of IIDCA

Since 2006, working against a sedentary lifestyle and promoting education

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences was created on November 29, 2006 under the hand of a committee of sports professionals linked between the American and European continents.

In Europe, the IIDCA had its representation based in Spain and was registered in the national registry of associations in group 1, section 1 with number 591986, but decided to turn its management strategy to now move to Latin America, more precisely to Buenos Aires for the great potential to develop the new continent.

The aim of IIDCA is to offer greater social knowledge of sport and physical activity, as well as their health benefits. In IIDCA we ensure the correct development and application of physical practice and we are concerned with the various agents of the sector to ensure and guarantee the safety of users and the good work of professionals.

The IIDCA aims to cover all areas of sport and physical activity, with a large team of professionals trained with the highest standards in their areas of performance, offering the best possible professional service for both future instructors and practitioners seeking a better quality of life. To this end, it also has an affiliation program for individuals, companies and/or entities with exclusive and IIDCA advantages.

The IIDCA had a presence in America and Europe, but during the pandemic it doubled its members, counting today with more than 80 affiliated companies among which stand out some of the most important in the world that allowed the IIDCA to fly its flag in Asia and Africa, with a view to 2024 to reach Oceania as well.

IIDCA currently has a presence in America and Europe, expanding little by little, and has numerous collaborating entities that endorse its project in these countries. In 2023, it has reached the Asian continent and by 2024 it plans to arrive in the African continent and Oceania.

The sustained growth of the project means that IIDCA has a presence in more than 50 countries through educational, technological companies in the industry and promoters of healthy habits. Part of this expansion and development project, it was decided to move the headquarters to Argentina, thus making the former Director of America for ten years Rodrigo Franco, the new World President.

The objective in Latin America in addition to leading the organization, accreditation, and professionalization of fitness and wellness instructors through the standardization of academic programs of different companies; It is because we believe that instructors are a key piece to promote public policies of healthy habits from a vision of health prevention. These actions will cause a decongestion of national health systems, generating significant economic savings for governments and a much healthier population.

We know how to do it and we are waiting for you to join our action!