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Formación Técnicas Hipopresivas Violeta Goncalves

Violeta Goncalves

Complete Training in Hypopressive Techniques Modules 1 to 8

We invite all exercise and health professionals to the next certification. 

The Hypopressive Technique is a method of Global Body Approach, conscious, respiratory and postural. It derives from the original method created by Dr. Marcel Caufriez, to which we have contributed a broader view, a systematization and precise choice of exercises and a way of teaching that is unique and innovative.

The objectives of the COURSE That professionals: • Know the origin of the Technique and its foundation.

• Understand the integration of postural and respiratory systems, both musculoskeletal and neurophysiological, into the total body SELF.

• Be able to experience hypopressive bodywork and observe its benefits.

• Learn the correct way to perform hypopressive exercises.

• Be able to teach the exercises correctly to their student-patients both individually and as a group.

• Understand the importance of relating the myofascial system, posture and hypopressive exercises.

• Acquire notions of motor development and its relationship with posture and incorporate integrative exercises with a sequence of hypopressive exercise.

• Know the structure and function of the midsection, and its influence on overall perineal and postural health.

• That they can perform this technique in the aquatic environment.

• To be able to think about their professional practices from a gender perspective.

• That they can, as a professional, obtain practical tools for intervention with their students and/or patients.

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