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Rodrigo A Franco Veiga

World President

Rodrigo Franco is a historian and sports journalist, investigative journalist, mediator, and sport manager. He has worked in radio and various media, in addition to creating several ventures, franchises and being a mentor to several entrepreneurs and projects.

He has a long history in the world of fitness and wellness, with a clear focus on management. In the world of Sports, his strategic plan stands out, which he implemented together with Cesar Menotti in Rosario Central and other external programs.

His most outstanding venture was being one of the creators in 2008 of "Cuerpo Activo Sport Salud"; which in addition to its academic wellness profile was an innovative "Gym Boutique" model, where SPA services were offered, personalized training from 3 to 100 years old with exclusive machines for children to play while training while their parents had personalized trainers. The focus was on small group fitness classes or therapeutic techniques for sedentary people or people with pathologies. The aim was to integrate the whole family into their "low coast" Personal Trainer and SPA services.

 From 2014 to 2023 he was the Director of IIDCA in the Americas, where from then to the present he became the World President of the IIDCA Foundation, which leads public policy projects for healthy habits and is an entity that governs the educational and general directions of fitness and wellness from Latam to the world. Since 2024 he became the Educational CEO of REPES LATAM, the registry of exercise and health professionals in Latin America.