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Samadhi Arti

The Nyaya Sneha Sakti massage, or energetic Hindu Massage was directly transmitted by the princess Kuan Yin, the Goddess of mercy and compassion, ascended Master.

For Tibetan Buddhists it is the Buddha of Compassion. She is also known as Avalokitesvara or Kwan-yin.

By means of specific techniques that combine Buddha and the energy of Avalokitesvhara Kuan Yin, we dissolve specific blockages, we completely clean all blockages in the joints, spine, we are removing layers of emotions that do not allow us to feel rested, a internal healing and acts in conjunction with our internal doctor, since we get a new sensation, a new awakening and openness to life after a session. Just like when we work with Reiki techniques, in a session we work not only the physical, but also the auric field, the chakras and the energy bodies. For what is able to make us heal from the most internal. It mobilizes us to gain momentum, it harmonizes our energy centers, it gives us creativity, mental clarity, it allows us to move while being flexible. with a sense of renewal.


They taught:

-Specific massage techniques, movement, among others.

-Essences- Aromas to use own of the workshop.

-Mantras and Symbols with which they work.

Includes manual and certificate. like all the workshops we offer.

Although the ideal is to have done Magnified Healing and the Buddho System prior to doing the workshop, anyone who feels the call, or the interest in doing it, can do it.

In addition to being decontacturant, by working with 5th dimension energy and different types of techniques, massage offers much more...