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  The IIDCA is considered worldwide as the benchmark in Latin America in the Fitness, Wellness and Well-being sector. In its beginnings, it had its headquarters in Madrid, but it was already carrying out actions in Latin America in pursuit of education in the sector. Since 2023, it reversed the roles and moved its headquarters to Buenos Aires, Argentina; in order to enhance and expand its range of work from Latin America to the world and thus connect from a strategic place with the rest of the planet.

  One of the tasks that IIDCA sets itself is to work to improve the health of Latin Americans, increasing and standardizing the education of more and more world-class professionals who are up to the needs of the different populations affected by sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and many other ills. This task will be fundamentally accompanied and promoted thanks to links with public entities, national and provincial or district governments, and organizations that can improve the quality of life of Latin Americans.

   IIDCA will promote programs to transform habits into healthier ones, will promote the implementation of technology to improve the quality of life, and will seek to generate greater employability in the sectors related to physical activity, education and health, as well as to obtain greater income and investments from other parts of the world that allow growth in these industries with great potential.
  From its headquarters in Buenos Aires, it seeks to connect Latin America as the world needs it, creating opportunities for Latino entrepreneurs and professionals around the planet, and inviting companies to invest and be part of a market that today has no limits when it comes to growing, being able to develop new products and services.

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