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Akashic Records

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Akashic Records (Personal and Distance Sessions)

The term Akashic comes from Akaśha, a term existing in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, which means 'ether', space or cosmic energy that penetrates the entire universe and is the subtle vehicle that transports sound, light and information. , the constituent bases of energy and Life.

The Akashic Records are a universal memory of existence, similar to a Cosmic Internet, they represent a multidimensional space where all the experiences of the soul are archived, including all the knowledge and experiences of past lives, present life and future potentialities. The light body of universal self-awareness.

An akashic records reading consists of opening the record of your soul allowing the information necessary for your progress, advancement and evolution to emerge. This will support you in the here and now of your life. specific information concerning past lives may or may not be relevant on this occasion.

What is really valuable is the guidance or direction you receive to elaborate and work on the patterns that are present in this life, the opportunities to grow and the most appropriate direction at this time.

This energy system contains all the potential that the Soul possesses for its evolution in this life, its true reason for being, the meaning of existence, its learning and pending lessons, and the answers to its great questions.

When doing levels I and II we learn to connect with the masters of the akashic records, listen to them. they tell us what the person needs for that moment of spiritual evolution...

By doing the level I and II workshop we learn to connect with the masters of the Akashic Records, listen to them. They tell us what the person needs to know for that moment of spiritual evolution.

• Akashic Records: Level I - II – Mastery

Duration: Short Intensive Courses.

Hourly Load: - Level I and II are taught together. 4 to 5 p.m. They are done in one (1) day.

- Master's degree 4 hours. They are done in one (1) day.

Modality: In-person Capital Federal - Online at a Distance.