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Louis Tristan

CEO Athenas Sport Academy

Louis Tristan is a sports professional, coach and educator of athletes and movement professionals.

Louis Tristan stood out as a Peruvian athlete, holding records such as the Minor National in the Long Jump and in the 200-meter race, the Minor National in the Long Jump, and is an absolute national record holder in the Long Jump, as well as a Pan-American finalist in the juniors. and adults.

His awards were obtaining several silver medals in various tournaments such as the Bolivarian tournaments, in a Youth South American, in the Sub 23 South Americans of Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as in the Adult South American in Colombia and in the Iberoamerican of Chili.

Among the most notable competitions he participated in were the 2001 Hungarian Junior Championship, the 2006 Russia Indoor World Championship, the 2007 Japan World Athletics Championship and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China.

Upon his retirement, he decided to prepare himself to train both athletes and all those people who wish to train and have a healthy life. For this, she trained as a Personal Trainer, as a Head Coach specialized in Nutrition and Sports, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Technician, Functional Training, sports rehabilitation, Strength development in women and many other specializations.

Today with his Athenas Academy, he seeks to apply all his knowledge as an athlete, coach and trainer so that more people can help combat a sedentary lifestyle and be more active every day for a better quality of life.