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Walter Hugo Urruzola Segain

Director Aktivarse

   Walter Hugo Urruzola Segain is founder and General Director of Espacio Aktivarse, from Uruguay. He has extensive experience as a teacher of specialization courses in Kinesiology, training, Rehabilitation, Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Tape.

   His academic training starts from Physiotherapy, going through Nursing Assistant of the Red Cross of Uruguay, Chiropractor in the Japanese Association Daito Ryu, Sports Kinesiologist and Masseur with experiences in soccer clubs and other sports, specialist in Proprioceptive-Physio training. He has complemented his academic profile with seminars on NLP, Coaching and specific Marketing for Martial Arts, NLP on "How to think of the other" of the Uruguayan NLP Institute, Business Management Workshops.

     He is the creator of the AKtivo program, a kinesiology program for the elderly, as well as being a member of the Uruguayan Olympic Sailing (Defazio-Foglia), as well as being the coordinator and therapist of kinesthetic treatments, proprioceptive functional rehabilitation and manual therapies, and representative from Uruguay and teacher of Fast Taping.

   He was a founding partner of IMNAF, providing training in Musculation and Personal Trainer, in addition to being National Director and Educational Coordinator of Martial Arts for children and adults at SCHOOL KYOKUKAIKAN-KARATE KYOKUSHINKAIKAN