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Fabian Cuenca

CEO Cardio Kickboxing (CKB)

I am Fabián Cuenca, creator of the Cardio Kickboxing (CKB) method and Delegate of the IIDCA for Spain.

I have been storing martial arts and fitness knowledge in my head for over 40 years. I started from a very young age to throw punches and kicks, although the first thing I did was judo (my father was wrong thinking that was what I wanted to do).

For my entire life, I have trained and competed in martial arts, until I got tired. At that moment, I came across the cardiobox, and since I like challenges... I thought about how I could make it more complete and attractive to the public. I continually travel around Spain and the rest of the world to certify future CKB instructors, give seminars, masterclasses... always with the goal of achieving a positive change in the lives of others.