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Mgr. Nicola Ricarda Pauli

Instituto Boliviano de Yoga

Mgr. Nicola Ricarda Pauli

Transcendent Therapist (P.R.T.), Adhyatma Yoga teacher, Master in Organizational Administration and Psychology and Social Pedagogue.

She arrived in Bolivia in 2006 in charge of a foundation for Integral Development, which she consolidated in the following 7 years. As of 2013, she works as a therapist in Bolivia, the US and Germany and starts leading workshops and certifications with Raúl Antezana. In 2014 she assumes the position of director of the Bolivian Yoga Institute, organizing the opening of a Yoga studio in Cochabamba.

2022                   Psychosomatic Iridology AntSar Method

2021                   Honorary Director of the American Yoga Alliance for Bolivia

2019                   Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

2016                   EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Since 2014         Director of the Bolivian Institute of Yoga

Since 2013         Transcendent Therapist "P.R.T."

Since 2013         Bioenergetic Healer "Sa.Bio.Es."

2012                   Master in Organizational Administration and Psychology

Since 2012         Adhyatma Yoga teacher

2007 – 2012      COO "Proyecto Horizonte" Foundation with more than 1000 beneficiaries daily

006                      Diploma in "Intercultural Communication and Cooperation"

2006                   Dipl. Sozialpädagogin (FH), equivalent to bachelor's degree in social pedagogy