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Dr. Raúl Antezana Saravia

Bolivian Institute of Yoga

Recognized international expert in the fields of natural medicine, iridology, Psychotherapy and Yoga.

  -  Founder and President of the Bolivian Institute of Yoga. Yoga Teacher.
   - Training in Korean Acupuncture
    -Doctorate Ph.D. in Psychosomatic Iridology
    -Master in Reiki (Usui Shiki Rioko), awarded by Master Rubens Ribeiro do Nascimento.
    -Creator of the psychotherapeutic system Transcendent Therapy "P.R.T."
    -Creator of the Spiritual Bioenergetic Healing system "SA.BIO.ES."
    -Creator of the iridological system for diagnosis and health evaluation through the Iris: Psychosomatic Iridology AntSar Method
   - Bolivian Native and Traditional Medicine, Natural Medicine and Naturopathy, Cellular Micro Nutrition (own system).
   - Creator of Adhyatma Yoga

In the last 25 years he has written more than 20 books, capturing his knowledge for future generations:

- 7 volumes of Adhyátma Yoga: 1.- "The Chakras Vortices of Energy" (1995); 2.- "Pam Amrita- Positive Sexual Magic Yoga" (Tantra Yoga- 1995); 3.- "The Path Toward the I Am" (2010); 4.- "Adhyatma Hatha Yoga" (2010); 5.- "Adhyatma Dhyana Yoga" (2010); 6.- "Adhyatma Kundalini Yoga" (2010); 7.- Karma and the Gods".

- 3 volumes of P.R.T. – "Psycho Transcendent Breathing" (2006); "Transcendent Psycho Reprogramming" (2015); "Manual of Psychosomatics" (2019).

- "AntSar Method Psychosomatic Iridology" (2009); "Iridology and Sclerology" (2014).

- "Ayurvedic Massage" (2020). "Guide to Medicinal Plants". "Natural Medicine Guide". "Life and Health - Natural Nutrition" (1995). "Andean Foods - Cellular Micro Nutrition" 2016; "Cellular Micro Nutrition" (2019).

- And others.

He is a guest speaker at national, South American and world congresses and has been training therapists internationally for 20 years. His wide and deep knowledge in the different areas of his expertise and his 45-year experience working with thousands of people make teaching him an enriching and transforming experience.