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What is it to be an IIDCA ambassador?

    The IIDCA Ambassadors are professionals in physical education, management, sports or health, who dream of the growth and professionalization of the sector both in their own country and throughout the continent.

   An ambassador is willing to pour out his knowledge, as well as to help promote good practices and customs, in addition to advising and guiding other entities both to shape their educational projections in their country and abroad, assisting them as a national leader to make alliances in other countries by their colleagues.

   The work of the IIDCA ambassador is to advise and accompany private or public companies, providing them with their knowledge and tools to raise their professional standards, so that they can project themselves internationally and achieve greater recognition, even at the national level as well.

  An IIDCA ambassador is not only someone who seeks the growth of his company, but is someone who has a strong desire to transform and help all companies in the sector in his country evolve, because he is an entrepreneur who is clear that helping to other companies in your country, raises the professional and educational level of your community.

  On the other hand, an IIDCA member will not only be evaluated with its educational quality at an international level, but if it meets the estimated canons, it will receive benefits such as being able to rely on the network of contacts in Europe and Latin America through its ambassador, but also You will be able to rely on online educational platforms if you do not have one to draw up strategic alliances that allow you to position yourself at an international level.

  The ambassadors will be able to coordinate IIDCA events in their country, convening professional members from abroad, as well as national guests with a recognized educational level, so that they can provide attendees with the best academic teachings that allow them to continue promoting the highest educational levels.

An IIDCA ambassador is someone who dreams of a more educationally equitable world.