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South Korea

IIDCA South Korea Ambassador

IIDCA South Korea

TongHo, Yi, IIDCA Ambassador for South Korea, is an important businessman and professional graduated with honors from different universities around the world, and a renowned martial artist.

TongHo, Yi came to live in Argentina at a very young age, which is why he was quickly selected for his talent to be part of the Argentine Taekwondo demonstration team, being the promoter in Argentina of both the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988 and the discipline touring the country and in various media.

Among many of his achievements, he was an International and South American Taekwondo champion, being an Argentine champion several times.

He has been a speaker on numerous occasions such as in the fight for the Kukkiwon World Headquarters, in Paraguay, in Argentina and Paraguay Gyeeonggi-do Taekwondo, a world event in Oman, and has given International Seminars in Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru; as well as lectured for the Military School and the Police of Paraguay.

TongHo, Yi has been internationally awarded from Kukkiwon, the world headquarters of 197 countries, and has been recognized in countless events and countries such as the Ecuadorian Special Forces ESMIL, the Ecuadorian air force, among others.

His training as a Martial Artist is 9 Dan Grand Master of Taekwondo, 8 Dan Grand Master Teuk Gong Musool Korean Military and Police Command, 8 Dan and Grand Master Sijeon Hapkido International Federation of Korea. These awards have allowed him to establish himself as President of World Musa Taekwondo HQ (Pan America, Europe and part of Asia), Pan American President of Gyeeonggi-do Taekwondo Association Korea, Pan American President Teuk Gong Musool Korean Military and Police Command, and is also the President Pan American of the Sijeon Hapkido International Federation.
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    TongHo, Yi