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US global plan on healthy habits policies 

  03/01/2024 23:23 Noticias

U.S. Global Plan on Healthy Habits Policies

  Public policies for healthy habits in the United States are a set of measures that seek to improve the health and well-being of the population, reduce inequalities, and prevent chronic diseases related to diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity. As in many parts of America and the world, the first two campaigns were to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption.

  In a more specific plan, they have carried out specific campaigns accompanied by laws such as "The Affordable Care Act, which expanded access to health coverage, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and promoted the creation of healthy communities."

   Among the key points, in addition to the practice of physical activity, as in many parts of the world, work has been done on the "Healthy Food for All" initiative, which promoted access to fresh, local and accessible food in low-income areas under a government plan to support small producers and stores that promote unprocessed foods.

  Finally, policies designed for the present and future with a "Healthy Kids Initiative" law, as an initiative for healthy children, encouraging physical activity inside and outside school, healthy eating and the creation of more spaces for exercise; in addition to a National Prevention Plan against Obesity due to its health consequences, activating evaluation systems, promotion of research and innovation to transform the population.



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