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10 Challenges of Gym Management by Manel Valcarce 

  20/03/2024 16:24 Noticias

The 10 Challenges of Gym Management by the Director of IIDCA Europe @manelvalcarce

1. Attract, attract and retain customers: It is important to have a defined strategy and a concrete action plan that includes attractive promotions, free events, effective digital marketing and exceptional service.

2. People management: It is essential to hire people with relevant skills and experience, who also establish clear communication.

3. Maintenance of facilities and equipment: Establish a preventive maintenance program, with revisions and repairs.

4. Space management: It is a detailed analysis of the distribution of spaces, their efficient use with a reservation system for classes or teams and optimization of schedules.

5. Technological evolution: Incorporate technology to improve and facilitate the user experience in the gym.

6. Competition and differentiation: An effective strategy is to identify a specific niche and offer specialized services for them, in addition to generating community among them.

7. Financial management: This involves keeping an accurate record of income and expenses, setting a clear and realistic budget.

8. Regulatory Compliance: Comply with local and national regulations and standards, from facility safety to accessibility.

9. Changes in fitness trends: Conducting surveys and getting feedback from customers can also help identify emerging trends and adapt accordingly to select the classes they wish to receive.

10. Customer loyalty: Customer loyalty is essential for long-term success, achieved through exceptional service, providing programs that are as personalized as possible, establishing a strong bond and relationships with customers, as well as having open and constant communication

Source: Mercado Fitness 



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