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How to become a member IIDCA

Become an IIDCA member entity

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences, a non-profit association whose objective is to promote, raise awareness and educate on the importance of physical movement as a source of happiness and integral well-being. Addressing all people who are interested in knowledge, personal development, humanization of sport and athletes, with an honest and creative vision.

Types of IIDCA Recognized Members:

Recognized IIDCA members must be natural persons, entities or companies for profit or not, who have an interest in the development of the mission of IIDCA. That they are part of the sports sector, physical activity, exercise and the relationship of these aspects with health. As well as those individuals, companies or entities that are dedicated to research and / or teaching of subjects and disciplines related to sport, humanization of it, physical activity and health.

Criteria and requirements to be a Member recognized by the IIDCA

International criteria for training programmes and schools:

    Documentation as a legal company in your country of origin or countries where they are incorporated.
    Logo or logos of the trademark in your country or countries where you have the trademark.

Criteria for educational training, courses and schools:

    Education protocols theoretical, face-to-face or virtual hours.
    Protocol of face-to-face or virtual practical hours.
    Scientific content in the trainings.
    Specific content of training subjects to work in the specific area.
    Resume of speakers and teaching accreditation.
    Type of certification workshop, course, certification, training school.
    Evaluation contained in the courses depending on the training..

Criteria for sports centers and gyms by quality or service:

    Documents as a company incorporated in the country or countries where they are located.
    Trademark logo.
    Gym conduct protocols.
    Maintain one or more trained employees of the different training schools endorsed as a certified teacher.
    Training protocols for its users.

Criteria for sports entities, federations and/or companies:

•    Documents of the entity incorporated in the country or countries where they are located.
•    Trademark logo.
•    Protocols of the modality in which they are registered.
•    Competitions and events they participate in or support.
•    Averages of how many athletes are written to the federation or type of sport.

What does the IIDCA Recognized Member receive? (benefits for companies and entities)

1. Training and Development.

 Timely information on courses and seminars of the member entities. Recommendations on them.
 Obtaining the IIDCA Quality Seal, based on compliance with the IIDCA Decalogue.
 Discounts on courses and seminars promoted by the IIDCA.
 Possibility of organizing events and ACTIVITIES IIDCA, ensuring its objectives.
 Legal advice for the development of activities.

2. Web Space.

    News, articles, news and various information.
    Publication of your contact in the members section "Companies and Entities".
    Access to exclusive discussion forums for associates.
    Discounts in the IIDCA supplier store.

Low Cause:

Recognized IIDCA members will be discharged for any of the following reasons:

    By voluntary resignation, communicated in writing.
    For attacking the interests, mission and image of IIDCA.
    For non-compliance with economic obligations, if it fails to satisfy three periodic installments.

Request to be a member IIDCA

Request to be a member IIDCA