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Revolutionary Active School Breaks plan in Poland 

  08/04/2024 17:34 Noticias

Revolutionary plan for Active School Breaks in Poland

Active breaks in classrooms are brief interruptions during the school day in which physical or mental activities are carried out, with the aim of breaking the sedentary routine, improving concentration, relaxing the mind and body, and encouraging social interaction among students. The Polish government put it into practice to counteract children's sedentary lifestyles, obesity, excessive use of screens, in order to regulate emotions and reduce impulses.

The objective of this plan is focused on improving the quality of life of children in a comprehensive way, combating all kinds of external factors, including a sedentary lifestyle and all the health problems that it entails, improving the flexibility of their muscles to reduce tension, improving both physical and psychological well-being for a more relaxed growth in which they will learn to manage their emotions.

In summary, active breaks are a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy and productive learning environment in classrooms, allowing students to recharge and stay focused during lessons. Among the techniques applied in active school breaks, stretching exercises, body movements, conscious breathing or even playful games are performed.



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