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The important after-dinner meal for health 

  15/02/2024 19:45 Noticias

"Mindful eating": The value of the after-dinner meal

   Among the policies of healthy habits that Italy has implemented, there is the promotion of returning to the roots of trying "slow fooding", and enjoying the moment of food with loved ones if possible, to what Argentines call after-dinner or now called food as a social activity.

   From an emotional view of food, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry promotes the "Italian Guide to Food", where the population is educated in order to choose healthier and less processed foods.

With regard to combating sedentary lifestyles and related diseases, the policies suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) have been followed, with increases in tobacco taxes and other actions similar to those in Argentina that have not yet had much results.

Italy is focusing much more on diet than on physical activity, but it continues to analyze all kinds of alternatives that reduce diseases, sedentary lifestyles and, therefore, combat a greater tendency to mortality and a population with a constant fall in the birth rate.



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