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Healthy Habits against the Climate 

  18/03/2024 13:54 Noticias


Iceland is one of the countries with the most healthy habits on the part of its inhabitants despite all the difficulties involved in living in a country with adverse climates. Excellent administrations, with a clear vision of the population, have encouraged us to redouble the bet to reduce suicide rates due to depression and so many issues related to mental health due to this adversity.

Iceland is one of the healthiest countries in the world despite its long nights and cold. The inhabitants of Iceland have the behavior of frequently going to the gym despite the darkness of the winter months, which are 24 hours a day.

The benefits of hot springs are promoted as part of a tourism and wellness program for their healing benefits on body and mind. As part of emotional energy discharge, they, as well as Asian cultures, encourage taking off your shoes when entering a home to leave all the negative charge on the outside.

Healthy eating is also part of this plan. Dinners at home are encouraged against restaurant outings, promoting natural foods and the after-dinner bond.

The quality of life proposal is motivated to start at home, then with our closest ties, and then with the rest of the citizens; accompanied by a state that promotes and contains a population with an adverse climate.



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