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Victor Andrés Olivares Ibarra

Director de VOK

Victor Andrés Olivares Ibarra is Honorary Coordinator of Chile for the IIDCA and is the Director of Partió as a Physical Education Teacher (1990) in Santiago de Chile and then Kinesiologist (1997) in Talca and now says that: "one of my personal goals is development in the educational area of ​​sport and health.

This motivation arises from the fact that he considers that "the format of transferring practical experiences together with updated knowledge and evidence in the area of ​​kinesiology, exercise, sports and health, do not reach to permeate quickly enough in the universities and Along with this, another difficulty, "the crossing of knowing how to put this knowledge into practice correctly or with a clinical criterion with expertise, becomes increasingly difficult, since there are few professionals with characteristics that must be given simultaneously" as EXPERIENCE + KNOWLEDGE + PERMANENT STUDY + HIGH DEMAND IN RESULTS.

From there, the motivation to create and deliver quality content, courses and training with VOK arose.

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