IIDCA - International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences
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    Presentación IIDCA

IIDCA Presentation

IIDCA Presentation

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences was created on November 29, 2006 under the hand of a committee of sports professionals linked between the American and European continents.

In Europe the IIDCA has its representation based in Spain and is registered in the national register of associations in group 1, section 1 with number 591986.

The aim of the IIDCA is to offer a greater social knowledge of sport and physical activity as well as their health benefits. We ensure a correct development and application of physical practice and we care about the various agents of the sector trying to guarantee the safety of users and the good work of professionals.

The IIDCA aims to cover all areas of sport and physical activity and has a large team of professionals, all of them licensed and trained specifically in their areas of work, advising and providing service of the highest possible quality.

It also has an affiliation program for people, companies and / or entities with exclusive and specific advantages of the IIDCA.

Currently the IIDCA has a presence in America and Europe, expanding little by little, and has numerous collaborating entities that endorse its project in these countries.

We encourage you to get to know us and to be part of this great project based on professionalism, study and quality applied to Sport and Physical Activity Sciences.