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Benefits of walking and cycling 

  15/09/2022 15:03 Noticias

   Active modes of travel, especially walking and cycling, are now recognized by many as modes completely equal to other modes of urban transport, integrated into planning frameworks and adopted as part of the mainstream, not only in pioneering countries, but around the world. A growing body of science supports the benefits society can derive from active travel in terms of transportation, health, and environmental benefits.

Urban practice has accumulated a rich portfolio of measures ready to be considered for inspiration, adaptation and possible application in each city. This publication presents a comprehensive case study of why and how to promote walking and cycling, based on the most recent evidence from scientific research and planning practice.


World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. (‎2022)‎. Walking and cycling: the latest evidence to support policy formulation and practice. World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe.

LINK OMS: https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/354589?fbclid=IwAR2txyyb7pPqd_lMee6sqAG9WSQwtiS_bvebp37FGQkgBWrBVTOBVO-m-pE



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