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Marcela Galiano

Directora de Mamis Gym

The ambassador of the Netherlands IIDCA Marcela Galiano is Professor of Physical Education with Postgraduate in Physical Activity and Health.Diploma in Primal Health, Specialist in pregnancy and postpartum, addictions and eating disorders, in addition to other courses in both sport and medicine. More than 20 years of experience in personalized, group and delivery room training with pregnant women, as well as with the visually impaired.Former teacher of the School of Non-Commissioned Officers and Agents in Self-Defense and Physical Education.Creator and Director of Mamis Gym® Center for moms and moms-to-be. Creator of a Unique Gymnastics System for Pregnant and Postpartum and Breathing and Relaxation Technique.Researcher, teacher and trainer. Training at National and International Level (Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay), in person and ONLINE. He has participated in different congresses and Universities of LATAM.

Creator of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program #aMoverEsaPancita. Awareness and promotion of physical activity before, during and after pregnancy. He collaborated for the Ministry of Health within the Directorate of Promotion and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases and Ministry of Social Development of the Argentine Nation.

She has worked in hospitals and medical organizations providing relaxation and breathing workshops for adults and children with eating disorders, in Buenos Aires.

Winner of the National Awards Mother Entrepreneur (3rd Place as Best Project with Social Base). The Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation declared the First Edition of the National Mothers Entrepreneur Awards to be of National Interest. (2014) Finalist with his daughter, with whom he works, in the Young Entrepreneur Awards of the City 2014, Generational Relay Category. Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the City of Buenos Aires. Semifinalist in the contest #VosLoHaces2015 with the project #aMoverEsaPancitaConcientización and promotion of physical activity before, during and after pregnancy. Aimed especially at pregnant adolescents and low-income women, she participated in the Unique Moments Campaign in Ecuador, accompanied the launch of the campaign with press, radio and TV conferences. 

She has also participated in different magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, national and international in collaboration to disseminate physical exercise in pregnancy. Creator of the E-Book Manual for Moms Mamis Gym and Compatible Pregnancy and Exercise-Galiano Method among other educational materials.

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