IIDCA - International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences
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    Presentación IIDCA

About us?

 We are a group of professionals specialized in the world of Sports Management, the media, physical activity and new training trends. Our main objective is to contribute our grain of sand to empower companies from different parts of the world to make alliances, commercial links, but above all to generate a synergy that enhances the quality of education and training.

From 2021 the International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences IIDCA, will begin to work more than ever to bring professionals from different continents both students and gyms and leisure centers. We believe that if the most outstanding professionals from the different areas commit to working together, we will generate a higher professional quality, safer training spaces and in accordance with world standards, and therefore, a more compliant final consumer without risks of injury.

From the IIDCA we are dedicated to uniting companies in the search to raise standards, something that may sound utopian, but without starting to try it can never be a reality.