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Agreements for IIDCA Members

Strategic Alliances and Agreements IIDCA

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences IIDCA, develops a plan of educational and commercial agreements around the world for the benefit of different member companies, certified professionals, and entities in general.

Objectives of the agreements:

  1. Generate academic exchanges (specializations, postgraduate degrees, etc.), both for schools and for trainers.
  2. Benefit all types of students with specific knowledge of high academic level within the world of sports, fitness, wellness, mindfulness, health and well-being in general; that IIDCA educational entities can offer to other Universities, associations, etc.
  3. Grant benefits of companies in the field to students from all over the world who are registered users of the IIDCA Community.
  4. Seek to raise both academic and professional standards in their services to the final consumers of the different activities.
  5. Disseminate each other and promote each other at events, congresses, scientific meetings, etc.
  6. Promote scientific research
  7. Disseminate mutually the work of each association that is linked to the IIDCA to empower us in a labor synergy.